Kasey King, Charleston, SC Wedding Officiant     

Performing wedding ceremonies throughout the Greater Charleston, SC area,

as well as all of South Carolina. 


Frequently Asked Questions

(and other videos to help you with your wedding ceremony)

Question: When should you apply for your Marriage License?

Answer: ASAP!!! In South Carolina, there is NO expiration date on your marriage license. 

Question: Where do you go to apply for your marriage license?

Answer: If you are getting marriage in South Carolina, then you can go to any South Carolina County Probate Judge's office to apply for a South Carolina marriage license. You do not have to get your marriage license in the same county in which you are getting married in. I repeat, you do not have to get your marriage license in the same county in which you are getting married in. Sorry- there is so much mixed up information, mostly due to different states having different laws, so I understand the confusion. I'm only telling what's what in South Carolina.

Let's say you are from Charlotte, NC, and you are getting married in Charleston County sometime next year, you can apply for your marriage license in Dorchester County, Berkeley County, York County, Horry County, Lancaster County, Beaufort County, Greenville County, Georgetown County, Florence County, Ridgeland County, and any other county in South Carolina. To find out the address to the County courthouse you would like to go to, click here.

The 3 counties in the greater Charleston, SC area are:

The Honorable Irvin G. Condon
Charleston County Judicial Center
100 Broad St Ste 469
Charleston, SC 29401-2273
OFFICE: (843) 958-5180
FAX: (843) 958-5191
County: Charleston

The Honorable Mary L. Blunt
5200 E Jim Bilton Blvd
St George, SC 29477-8020
OFFICE: (843) 832-0136
FAX: (843) 832-0222
County: Dorchester

The Honorable Keith W. Kornahrens, Sr.
300-B California Ave
Moncks Corner, SC 29461-4036
OFFICE: (843) 719-4519
FAX: (843) 719-4527
County: Berkeley

The 2 counties closest to Myrtle Beach are:

The Honorable Kathy G. Ward
P O Box 288
Conway, SC 29528-0288
OFFICE: (843) 915-5370
FAX: (843) 915-6371
County: Horry

The Honorable Leigh Powers Boan
P O Box 421270
Georgetown, SC 29442-1270
OFFICE: (843) 545-3274
FAX: (843) 545-3512
County: Georgetown

Question: How do you apply for your marriage license?

Answer: To apply for your marriage license, the two of you will need to:

1. Go to the office of a South Carolina County Probate Judge. Hours are typically 9:30am-4:oopm, Monday-Friday (keep in mind that if you're going to apply for your marriage license on a "holiday" because you are off of work, then you better call ahead to see if their county office is open).

2. Go together. The two of you must apply in person, together.

3. Bring a valid ID. They say that if you look 26 years of age and older, then don't worry about bringing an ID, but definitely bring it with you anyways.

4. Bring cash. Each county is different, but they are mostly around $70. The highest county fee that I know of is Horry County (Myrtle Beach)  is $100, and that is just for non residents of Horry County.

5. Be prepared to wait 24 hours. You can come back the very next working day, exactly 24 hours later, to pick up your marriage license. Not 23 1/2 hours...they'll make you wait 30 minutes.  You can also ask them to mail it to you, ask a friend to pick it up for you, or you can pick it up at a later date.


This is a video of that briefly describes the typical wedding ceremony that I like to perform. As you will see, only the Declaration of Intent is REQUIRED.  Everything else is optional.

Kasey's 15 part wedding ceremony (approx. 15-18 minutes)

1. Welcome Statement
2. Family Blessing
3. Your story
4. Remembrance
5. Prayer
6. Reading (typically an excerpt from "The Art of a Good Marriage")
7. Blessing of Hands
8. Vows
9. Bible Reading (typically Corinthians- "love is patient, love is kind...")
10. Declaration of Intent (REQUIRED. This is when you two say "I DO")
11.Ring Exchange
12. Closing Remarks
13. Pronouncement
14. Kiss
15. Presentation


This video briefly describes how to obtain your marriage license in the state of South Carolina.



This video briefly describes the two options of vows during your ceremony. You can either:
1. Write your own, or...
2. Allow me to provide them for you and do a quick "repeat after me".


This video below briefly describes a newer version of the Family Blessing that I like to say in the ceremonies that I perform.